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Splashy Product Guide

Splashy is a compact, portable bath seat that promotes ability and participation in bathing, messy play and outdoor activities. 


Splashy has a configurable five point harness, adjustable bumpers, warm – touch foam covering and a floor sitter. Splashy’s floor sitter has 26 recline options and it can be placed into full recline to make transferring in/ out of the bath seat easier. 

About Splashy

About Splashy

Product – MAP AX


Warm water from the bath can have a relaxing effect on your child’s muscles however mobility is not the main purpose of the bath seat.


The Splashy activity guide, provides suggested activities which may help develop you child’s gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development, communication/ social and sensory skills. The activity guide explains why bathing is so much more than getting washed.

Participation -

Splashy must be attached to the floor sitter accessory. This allows the child to sit low to the base of the bath, which means less water is required for them to make a big splash. Splashy is very compact and portable which means it fits into tight spaces and may even allow room for a brother or sister to join in with bath time. The floor sitter provides 26 recline options which makes hair washing in an upright position to relaxing in a reclined position much easier.

Splashy is a supportive seat that caters from a 1 – 8 year old child and has a weight limit of 30kg. Children who use Splashy may range from levels III – IV on the Gross Motor Function Classification Scale (GMFCS).  The harness and bumpers are fully height adjustable. The 5 point harness can be configured into a 3 point harness which makes access for washing and participation in fun activities easier.

Splashy has been tested for use in the following environments: bath, shower, beach and on the grass. This opens up a wide range of environments for participation too occur.

Product fitting

Splashy has been designed to clip onto the floor sitter via a locking mechanism on the back and bottom of the bath seat. Link to user manual.

We recommend that a dry run of fitting the harness and bumpers to the bath seat is completed before the bath seat is placed into the water. 

Splashy Activity Guide

The Splashy activity guide is a downloadable booklet designed to provide guidance to parents and therapists on how to get the most out of their Splashy.

The guide explains why bathing is so much more than getting washed, it provides an ideal environment to develop many of your child’s skills. The developmental areas covered within the guide are: Gross motor; fine motor, cognitive, communication/ social skills and sensory. As with our other activity guides, we have based our guide on the World Health Organisation’s ICF –CY framework, and provided activity suggestions for ability and participation.

‘Taking Care of your back’ leaflet

This leaflet provides parents and therapists who lift children or equipment on a daily basis with some advice on how to look after their back. It provides tips on how to look after your back and ways to promote good back health as bathing increases the risk associated with lifting your child due to water being present. As individual circumstances are different we cannot provide advice for every situation, so general guidance is provided in this leaflet.

This leaflet is available to download from the education section of the website or it is included within the Splashy activity guide. 

Download Splashy Activity Programme

Our expert clinicians at Firefly have created an easy-to-follow Splashy Activity Programme showing you how to work on all of these skills, and what your child will learn from them.

Splashy Video Library

Splashy Video Library

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