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Upsee Product Guide

The Upsee is an extremely popular addition to therapy, allowing therapists to further engage a child in movement exercises through activities of daily living.


It also lets children experience the benefits of upright movement, and it creates the possibility of social and emotional development by letting children interact with their peers at eye-level. It helps remove social barriers linked with disability that restricts a child’s level of participation and functioning.

About Upsee

About Upsee

The Upsee can facilitate gradual weight-bearing, standing and walking for young children. It is designed for children with mild-to-moderate needs who already benefit from a standing or walking programme.

The available sizes suit children aged between 1-8 years (approx.) who cannot stand or walk independently. However, some contraindications will apply – please download our Assessment and Prescription Fact Sheet for more details.

The Upsee attaches to both adult and child.

It has three parts:

• Child harness

• Adult belt

• Double sandal

Sizes for each component (automatically allocated based on child’s harness size):

• Child harness – four size options: XSmall, Small, Medium and Large

• Adult belt – comes in one adjustable size

• Double sandal (Infant size allocated to the XSmall harness, Standard size issued with Small, Medium and Large)

The maximum user weight for the child harness is:

• XSmall - 15kg / 33lbs

• Small - 15kg / 33lbs

• Medium - 20Kg / 44lbs

• Large - 25kg / 55lbs

Please download our Product Sizing Fact Sheet for further sizing details. To read about the clinical applications of Upsee, visit our Case Histories Section, and to see it in use, visit our Videos Section.

Download Upsee Therapy Programme

Expert clinicians designed this programme to help parents and therapists choose activities, set goals and map a child’s progress in Mobility, Ability and Participation.

Useful Downloads

Useful Downloads

Upsee Reported Outcomes

This document looks at what is the Upsee, reported outcomes of Upsee use, Case histories and research on the Upsee.

Benefits of Upright Movement for Children with Motor Impairment

A literature review carried out to investigate the benefits of upright movement and, in turn, the potential benefits of the Upsee on children with motor impairments.

General Information for Clinicians

Advice and Information for clinicians (and parents too) - indications for use, contra-indications and clinical uses.

Upsee User Manual

Upsee Complete User Instructions - Your step-by-step guide to using your Upsee.

Upsee Factsheet 8

Please note that these sizing charts are a guide only. If the child wears AFO’s, Splints or body casts, you many need to reconsider which size they require.

Upsee Factsheet 7

Frequently asked questions regarding the development and the Upsee from parents and clinicians.

Upsee Factsheet 6

Frequently asked questions regarding the use of Upsee from parents and clinicians.

Upsee Factsheet 5

The Upsee should not be uncomfortable for adult or child. If pain is experienced, STOP using the Upsee and check the list below.

Upsee Factsheet 4

While it depends on the ability of the child, the Upsee can offer a number of advantages over other mobility aids.

Upsee Factsheet 3

Before you start to use the Upsee ensure all buckles and press-studs are secure and check the Velcro for any sign of damage, wear or tear.

Upsee Factsheet 2

Remember – do not over-tighten the straps as this will cause the child to hang in the harness.

Upsee Fact Sheet 1

Assessment & Prescription - Before using the Upsee, therapists and parents must be able to answer “yes” to these questions.

Upsee Therapy Programme

Expert clinicians designed this programme to help parents and therapists choose activities, set goals and map a child’s progress in Mobility, Ability and Participation.



"The Upsee is a great therapy tool for gait activities, standing, side stepping activities and sit-to-stand transitions. It frees up my hands for facilitation for reciprocal arm swing and input into my client's base of support."

Lisa Madigan-Carey
PT, MS, C/NDT, Columbia MD, USA

“For the child, the Upsee offers new possibilities, more independence, greater inclusion and much more accessibility in social environments. For the family it offers the possibility to interact better with their child or sibling and creates opportunities.

Becky Featherstone
Conductive Education Practitioner, UK

"The Upsee is a very creative tool for me to use as her therapist and her family to use with Shelby to provide dynamic tactile input for sitting, standing and walking that can't be given as well thru wheelchairs, standers and gait trainers."

Dawne Harris
PT, Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Upsee Assessment Kit


Our Upsee kit for therapists includes:

  • 4x child harness (Infant, Small, Medium & Large)
  • 2 x adult belts
  • 2 x sandals (Infant & Standard)
  • 2 x extension strap packs.
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Upsee Assessment Kit

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