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Playpak Playpak

Early intervention therapy at home or on the move.

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Product Description

Why Playpak?

Playpak lets you play a bigger part in your child’s therapy, and that matters a lot. Research shows that early intervention programmes for babies and children that allow therapists and parents to work together, like Playpak does, make a bigger impact on a child’s development.


This lightweight bag contains an entire activity centre. Inside you will find rolls, wedges and supports (designed by clinical experts) that stick together in dozens of different ways to let you and your child practice the early positions which form the building blocks for later abilities. 


Playpak is also more than just practical, it looks great too. It definitely doesn’t look like therapy equipment, and won’t attract any sideways glances!

  • Playpak facilitates 3 crucial early intervention postures (active sitting, supine & prone)
  • Bag contains rolls, wedges and supports designed by our clinical experts
  • Suitable for fun therapy at home or on the move
Playpak Therapy Programme Booklet

Our clever team of expert clinicians have designed the Playpak Therapy Programme to show you how to use Playpak for so much more than just play.

Download Digital Booklet (PDF)

Features & Benefits

Playpak Features & Benefits

Using additional components with Playpak can allow you to achieve an even wider variety of developmental postures and positions.

Back Lying (Supine)

Why is back lying important? 

This is the most fundamental of developmental positions. When your child lies on their back, their full body weight is symmetrically supported by the surface. This makes it a very secure position from which to work on the physical, cognitive, sensory, and communication skills that provide the building blocks to more complex skills.

Tummy Lying (Prone)

Why is tummy lying important?

Tummy lying is sometimes a difficult position for little ones as they have to struggle against gravity to lift their heads. It is however also important for developing and strengthening muscles. Research has shown that about one half of typically developing infants show some delayed development by six months of age if they are never placed on their tummies when awake. This makes it especially important to have some daily tummy time.

Floor Sitting

Why floor sitting important?

Sitting is considered a vital part of the developmental sequence because of the other skills which are based upon its foundation. Sitting allows hands and arms to be free while the trunk and pelvis are stabilised. In turn, this allows handling of objects, exploration, increased learning opportunities and interaction with the environment.


Your Playpak is light, handy and can go anywhere. Grab it when you head to gran’s house and your little one can happily play, learn and get stronger while the grown-ups catch-up. Or to a birthday party so junior gets great therapy and misses none of the action. Or hang it on the stroller and head to the park for impromptu therapy with a picnic. You’ll want to take it everywhere – and you can.


You’ll find it easy to store at home too. Just hang it on a coat hook, in a corner or in the wardrobe – it’s durable enough to take a little bit of squishing, squashing and bashing.

Advanced Support

Using additional components with Playpak can allow you to achieve an even wider variety of developmental postures and positions.


Using an additional horseshoe component for example can help to facilitate a larger or stronger child, whilst additional short and long rolls can further support side lying and four point kneeling. 

Check out our size guide to ensure you select the right size and have a great experience with your Playpak

See Size Guide


Playpak Videos

Playpak by Firefly - Teaser

Playpak by Firefly - Teaser

Playpak by Firefly -  Back Lying

Playpak by Firefly - Back Lying

Playpak by Firefly - Tummy Lying

Playpak by Firefly - Tummy Lying

Playpak by Firefly -  Floor Sitting

Playpak by Firefly - Floor Sitting

Size Guide

Playpak Size Guide

Folded Bag 44cm/17in 49cm/19in 15cm/5.9in
Floor Mat 134cm/53in 75cm/30in -
Long Roll  52cm/20in 9cm/3.5in 7cm/2.8in
Short Roll  28cm/11in 9cm/3.5in 7cm/2.8in
Positioning Strap   66cm/26in  8cm/3.1in  -


Folded Bag  22cm/8.7in 26cm/10in 25cm/9.8in 6.5°


 LengthWidthDepthMaximum Seat Width
Large Horseshoe Support  44cm/17in 49cm/19in 15cm/5.9in 25cm/9.8in
Small Horseshoe Support 7cm/2.8in 9cm/3.5in 20cm/7.9in  25cm/9.8in

Playpak suits babies and young children considered to be levels I-V on the Gross Motor Classification Scale (GMFCS), depending on their level of physical development. 


Questions & Answers

Customer Questions & Answers

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Can you buy extra accessories for the Playpak?
How do you clean the pieces of the Playpak?
Do you offer any demos for therapists to try the Playpak with a client prior to having the family purchase the product?
Will insurance cover this?

Customer Reviews 36 Customer Reviews

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
09-Oct-2017 Product:

THE PRODUCT is great!!!!!My son has used all three of the products we received and loves them!
07-Mar-2017 Product:

Compact, colourful, enables me to play with my daughter in a whole new way. Excellent item, worth the money. Very glad I bought it!
24-Jan-2017 Product:

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