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Develop your understanding of Firefly products, their therapeutic benefits and their contribution towards a better quality of life for children with special needs

Splashy Activity Programme

Our expert clinicians at Firefly have created an easy-to-follow Splashy Activity Programme showing you how to work on all of these skills, and what your child will learn from them.

Premature Baby Webinar

This webinar aims to provide you with activities that you can use to help develop your child's motor movements and sensory processing skills.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion ensures everyone in the community is included rather than excluded.


This leaflet looks at the benefits and different types of Play.

Using Upsee in the home and school environments

Exploring the use of the Upsee in the home and school environments Presented By: Kathryn Devlin Occupational Therapist at Firefly

Upsee Reported Outcomes

This document looks at what is the Upsee, reported outcomes of Upsee use, Case histories and research on the Upsee.

Stepping Stones to Toilet Training

Toilet training is a routine part of growing up for most children, but for children with neurological impairment (disorders which affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, voluntary and involuntary muscles) or learning difficulties, it can bring additional c

Benefits of Upright Movement for Children with Motor Impairment

A literature review carried out to investigate the benefits of upright movement and, in turn, the potential benefits of the Upsee on children with motor impairments.

Pressure Relief

This leaflet aims to help you understand why the level of support, comfort and pressure relief provided within a seat is important for your child’s wellbeing.

Taking care of your back

Back pain is a common problem. However special needs parents may be more at risk of back pain because of the amount of lifting and moving of equipment that they do on a daily basis.

GoTo Shop Trolley Campaign

Catch up on the Firefly Community GoTo Shop Webinar with Community Manager Claire Smyth and find out where we’re taking the GoTo Shop next!

Basic goal setting (an introduction for parents and therapists)

The webinar is hosted by Kathryn Devlin, OT here at Firefly and Nick Mant, Paediatric Physiotherapist and founder of Flying Start Children’s Therapy.

Playpak User Manual

Playpak user instructions - Your step-by-step guide to using the Playpak

Playpak Factsheet 7

Playpak sizing guide

Playpak Factsheet 6

Playpak FAQs

Playpak Factsheet 5

Playpak Therapy Guide - Active Floor Sitting

Playpak Factsheet 4

Playpak Therapy Guide - Prone (Tummy) Lying

Playpak Factsheet 3

Playpak Therapy Guide - Supine (Back) Lying

Playpak Factsheet 2

How to unpack and pack your Playpak

Playpak Factsheet 1

The importance of early development through play

Scooot User Manual

Scooot complete user instructions - Your step-by-step guide to using the Scooot.

Scooot Factsheet 3

FAQs about the Scooot

Scooot Factsheet 2

Sizing guide for Scooot

Scooot Factsheet 1

Instructions on how to use the different Scooot configurations

GoTo Factsheet 7

Sizing Information

GoTo Factsheet 6

Putting the upholstery back on and assembling GoTo

GoTo User Manual

User manual - for Size 1 & 2 and Floorsitter

GoTo Factsheet 5

Taking the GoTo seat apart and removing the upholstery

GoTo Factsheet 4

Attaching the GoTo Seat to the Floorsitter accessory

GoTo Factsheet 3

Using the GoTo in a supermarket trolley

GoTo factsheet 2

Using the GoTo Seat on a hardback chair

GoTo Factsheet 1

Setting up your GoTo Seat

Things you need to know about Playpak - Part 3 Kneeling and Crawling

In Part 3, Nick focused on how Playpak can help with the more challenging positions of 4-point kneeling, tall kneeling and side lying, which will also help with the development of crawling and standing.

Things you need to know about Playpak - Part 2 Sitting pretty

In Part 2, Nick focused on how to transition from the skills learnt in Part 1 to sitting positions and the activities your child can perform in these positions.

Things you need to know about Playpak - Part 1 Starting strong in 3 essential positions

In Part 1 of the series, Nick explains how Playpak is used to practice the earliest and most essential of skills, from the baby we bring home from hospital playing on his back to the skills leading to tummy time and rolling.

Using Playpak in a School Setting

Jesse is a fun Kindergarten student who attends elementary (primary) school in the public school setting. Jesse had the chance to trial the Playpak in the school setting, including in his general education classroom and in the therapy areas. To read more

Playpak Therapy Programme

Our clever team of expert clinicians have designed the Playpak Therapy Programme to show you how to use Playpak for so much more than just play.

Scooot Activity Programme

The Scooot Activity Programme has been designed to help maintain and develop those independent mobility skills, and explains how Scooot can be used in lots of different ways to do this.

GoTo Activity Programme

The GoTo Activity Programme provides parents and therapists with a range of Mobility, Ability and Participation activity suggestions that children may benefit from whilst using their GoTo, and they’re organised in to easy-to-follow sections.

General Information for Clinicians

Advice and Information for clinicians and parents too.

Upsee User Manual

Upsee Complete User Instructions - Your step-by-step guide to using your Upsee.

Upsee Factsheet 8

Technical Information

Upsee Factsheet 7

FAQs - My child’s development and the Upsee

Upsee Factsheet 6

FAQs - Using the Upsee

Upsee Factsheet 5

FAQs on safety when using the Upsee.

Upsee Factsheet 4

FAQs - Therapy and the Upsee

Upsee Factsheet 3

How to use the Upsee

Upsee Factsheet 2

Putting on and taking off the Upsee

Upsee Fact Sheet 1

Assessment & Prescription - Before using the Upsee, therapists and parents must be able to answer “yes” to these questions.

Upsee Therapy Webinar

Expert clinicians designed this programme to help parents and therapists choose activities, set goals and map a child’s progress in Mobility, Ability and Participation.

Upsee Therapy Programme

Expert clinicians designed this programme to help parents and therapists choose activities, set goals and map a child’s progress in Mobility, Ability and Participation.

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