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Upsee Assessment Kit Upsee Assessment Kit

Upsee Assessment Kit for children aged 1-8 years old. Designed for therapists. 

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Upsee Assessment Kit for Therapists

The Upsee is an extremely popular addition to therapy, allowing therapists to further engage a child in movement exercises through activities of daily living.

It also lets children experience the benefits of upright movement, and it creates the possibility of social and emotional development by letting children interact with their peers at eye-level. It helps remove social barriers linked with disability that restricts a child’s level of participation and functioning.

The Upsee Assessment Kit has been created with therapists in mind. This complete kit allows therapists to not only work with a wide age range of children, but also facilitates growth.

Upsee Assessment Kit includes:

  • 4 x child harness (XS, S, M, L)
  • 2 x adult waist belts
  • 2 x sandals (1 x Infant & 1 x Standard)
  • 2 x extension strap packs.

Customer Reviews 4 Customer Reviews

Posted Rating Comments
04-Feb-2017 Product:

Customer Comment

Good but still learning how to use it
05-Jan-2016 Product:

Customer Comment

Love love love the products ! We bought the therapist kit of the Upsee for my 2 boys with cerebral palsy so that they may both grow with them and they are working wonderfully !!!
02-Jun-2015 Product:

Customer Comment

Fast delivery!!
13-Mar-2015 Product:

Customer Comment

I wear a size 7 and my feet started to slip out of the adult shoe
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