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Splashy Splashy

For bath, play, and getaways.

Included: 1 x bath seat, 4 x bumpers, 1 x floorsitter.

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The Splashy comes with a floorsitter as standard

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Product Description

Why Splashy?

Splashy is a portable bath seat for kids with disabilities. It makes their bath-time a ton of fun and a lot easier for grown-ups. 


It's a portable, lightweight and supportive seat that works for bathing or messy games wherever you go. You can even take it outside for messy games, or on your next roadtrip to granny’s house.


Little bath buddies get more space to play together now. Splashy is really compact and sits nice and low in the bath, so it uses less space and less water. And it gets better for mums and dads too. Now that you can lift and store Splashy easily, there’s no bulky equipment permanently hogging the tub anymore. You’ve got your bath back!

  • Splashy’s 5-point configurable harness keeps kids secure, but can also be switched to 3-point when needed.
  • Splashy sits low to the base of the bath so the child can sit in the water.
  • The foam bumpers can be used as a pommel or a support for the head, sides, or bottom as an anti-slide shelf.
Splashy Therapy Programme Booklet

Splashy Activity Programme

Our expert clinicians at Firefly have created an easy-to-follow Spalshy Activity Programme showing you how to work on all of these skills, and what your child will learn from them.

Download Digital Booklet (PDF)

Features & Benefits

Splashy Features & Benefits

Family participation at bath time (and cuddle time afterwards) supports a child’s healthy, happy development.


Research shows splish-splashing is good for your child’s communication and social skills.  It helps with motor development, core strength, balance and co-ordination. It also creates opportunities for sensory activity and problem solving.

Adaptable, reliable and downright adorable

Your little one will stay safe and supported among all the bubbles and giggles. 


Splashy adapts to your child’s postural support needs, with the option of a 5-point harness (just like our super-popular GoTo Seat), or the 3-point pelvic support.  There are even four detachable bumpers to add extra support wherever it’s needed.


Staying comfy matters too. So Splashy’s warm-touch foam feels soft whether it’s wet or dry. And it comes cool colour combos, so don’t be surprised if brothers or sisters ask for their turn in Splashy.

…and relax

Splashy’s base unit lets you switch easily between 26 recline positions, from upright (106 degrees) to full recline (140 degrees).  So you can quickly and easily adjust positions for a new game or to get that hair washed.


Transferring is simple too, because you can fold Splashy totally flat when you need to.

Clean getaway

 Splashy’s lightweight, detachable parts make it easy to clean. So there's no scrubbing at heavy, awkward machinery. 


You won't need anyone's help either. Just give it a quick rinse and it's ready for the next bath-time, weekend away, beach trip, or wherever you decide to go.

Check out our size guide to ensure you select the right size and have a great experience with your Splashy

See Size Guide


Splashy Videos

NEW Splashy Features & Benefits

NEW Splashy Features & Benefits

Splashy Webinar

Splashy Webinar

Size Guide

Splashy Size Guide

Seat back rest height 610mm (24 inches)
Seat back rest width 385mm (15 inches)
Seat base depth 300mm (12 inches)
Seat base width 350mm (14 inches)
Floorsitter width 420mm ( 16.5 inches)
Floorsitter height  630mm ( 24 inches)
Maximum weight 30kg (66lbs)
Age range 1 – 8 Years

The maximum user weight is 30kg, so it can range from approx 1-8 years old depending on the child.

Questions & Answers

Customer Questions & Answers

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Does Splashy come with the 4 bumpers or do you have to buy these separate?
Is there a higher base with it? Paul.
How much does Splashy weigh?
What are the measurements of the floorsitter please?
Hello! Just to confirm before I purchase, the Splashy comes with the floorsitter, all materials/straps to make it either a 5-point harness or 3-point pelvis support, and the bath seat.

Thank you, Rita
Can splashy be used in the pool/beach?
Hi, Can the bumpers be used in different positions?

Is your Firefly Splashy Latex Free?
I know there are multiple recline positions -- but how flat does the Splashy go?
Does it sit up completely to 90 degrees or is there always a bit of recline on it even in the upright position?

Thank you
Does the splashy recline?

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Splashy Accessories

Customer Reviews 48 Customer Reviews

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
19-Aug-2017 Product:

This seat has opened up a whole new world for our son! He is 3 years old and has pretty severe hypotonia, he has always loved the water but we've always had difficulty bathing him and water parks and the like were nearly impossible. Thanks to the splashy seat he can now bathe comfortably and safely... Read More.
16-Aug-2017 Product:

16-Aug-2017 Product:

The seat itself is awesome. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying it! I just think the adapter that makes the stand interchangeable with the GOTO seat should be sent to purchasers of both seats. The select photo attachment is not currently working with my camera roll. I'd be happy to share a cute pic... Read More.
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