10 of the Most Positive & Supportive Things Said to Special Needs Parents

This is what you told us –

– Focus on the ‘inchstones’ instead of the ‘milestones’.

– After diagnosis I was freaking out and saying ‘What are we going to do?’ A friend said, ‘What do you mean? You’re already doing it, you’ve been doing it for 8 years!’

– Don’t focus on what he can NOT do, always focus on what he CAN do.

– He can do anything and everything, just not yet – he needs to learn his own way.

– No matter what the doctors say, she is gonna be able to do everything they say she couldn’t.

– Zachariah is Zachariah, not his diagnosis. He will lead his own path and that is OK.

– Celebrate every new thing. Don’t wait for just the big.

– Welcome to the warriors club.

– Take each day at a time, try not to get to ahead of yourself.

– You’re a good mom.

About Firefly

For Firefly, life is all about experiences and being face to face with friends and loved ones. By enhancing the child's perspective and giving them the tools to 'join in', the child not only has the opportunity to participate, but can also be at the heart of it.