Latest Podcast: Hiring Help

How to hire the aides and caregivers to support our children’s complex daily needs?

In this episode we discuss how to find the right people to join your family on this journey, and all the secrets to making this relationship so much more than just a part time job!

Hiring help – YouTube

Latest Podcast: Finding Services

Do you feel overwhelmed and worried that you are missing out on valuable services for your child?

In this episode, we will give you a map and a compass to help you navigate this rough terrain. Spoiler alert: You may find them in the most unlikely of places!

Finding services – YouTube

Latest Podcast: Communication

Good communication is vital for every relationship.

In this episode, we discuss how to overcome communication barriers with our  private circles as well as the general public.

For people living the disability life as well as allies to the disability community, this episode is for you.

Communication – YouTube

Latest Podcast: Who to Trust

On a challenging journey, you need partners you can trust. In this episode we discuss how to know who you can trust.

Spoiler alert: Being related to someone by blood doesn’t necessarily qualify them for the job of confidante!

Who to trust? – YouTube

Episode 5: Knowing Your Limits

In this episode we have a candid discussion about learning how to know our limits and set our limits before we implode or explode! Owning and re-evaluating our new reality and adjusting accordingly. Spoiler alert: You may end up happier and more productive!

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Episode 4: The Silver Lining

Actually, it can be called a gold or even platinum lining! In this uncensored discussion, we share our experiences on how some aspects of having a child with a disability has improved our lives-we swear!

Episode 3: How To Ask For Help

This episode is dedicated to all of us helpers that sometimes also need to ask for help… If you ever wonder how to help a family with a child with a disability, this episode is for you!