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That’s ‘stripe’ amazing! How to wear stripes…

That’s ‘stripe’ amazing! How to wear stripes…

Already own a classic Breton style top? Then you have all you need if you want to sport the classic stripe look.


An easy, simplistic but stylish way to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe is with a classic blue and white striped sweatshirt, skirt or well fitted shirt. Easily transferable from the office to after work drinks, this look is easily pulled off and isn’t too in your face. The rule of wearing stripes to suit your shape can probably be ignored for this particular style. With the classic stripe look, it’s all about wearing what you feel most comfortable in. Dress it up for a more formal look or pair a simple striped sweater with jeans for the perfect relaxed weekend outfit.

Like stripes but want to inject a bit more colour into your spring wardrobe? Well, you can have both. Colourful stripes are an excellent way to spruce up your spring look. Colourful but flattering dresses and pencil skirts are great for the office or a trip to the park.

The only precaution for stripes in this instance is to ensure that you pick the right tones and shades to suit your colouring. It can be tempting to go for bright and bold when you are more suited to muted and understated. A coat with a colourful stripe like the one pictured above, can be a great way of adding a bit of colour without going overboard.

If going all out with basic, colourful, muted or bold stripes is still scaring you half to death, there’s a very simplistic and versatile way to add them to your wardrobe. Create a plain outfit and add stripes in the form of accessories…

A plain summer dress with striped espadrilles or sandals and a cute denim jacket is an easy way to jazz up a simple outfit. The addition of a colourful scarf or monochrome stripe bag gives an edge to either casual or dressy outfits. Even a piece of striped jewellery will give the simplest of outfits a stylish flare. You don’t need to be head to toe in stripes or rocking a full on co-ord to be on trend. Adding simple, detailed accessories is enough if you’d rather keep it understated.

Feeling like you want something a bit bolder and want to go all out on the detail front? Let’s look at how you can mix it up to incorporate stripes along with other trends…

When we say stripes, you automatically think of horizontal or vertical lines of colour across your clothes. Not always. Look at some of the items pictured. Stripes going one way and another on the same piece of clothing? Floral and stripes? Yes, it’s a much more fun and bold way to wear stripes. It isn’t for everyone but it adds some fun to your wardrobe. By wearing a daring skirt like one of those pictured, the rest of your outfit can be as plain or as out there as you like.

Stripes shouldn’t be scary. Experiment with them and find the style which works best for you. A striped shirt under a blazer is a sophisticated and stylish look for work or play. If you prefer colour, go and try on that summer dress you have looked at every day in the shop window. You never know, it might be your spring summer wardrobe staple.

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