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Somewhere there is a mom saying she is tired of picking up her child’s toys.

Somewhere else there’s a mom wishing with her entire being that her child was still on this earth to make incredible messes.

Somewhere there’s a mom saying her child’s nonstop questions are giving her a headache.

Somewhere else there’s a mother aching to hear her child’s voice. Even just one word.

Somewhere there’s a mother who can’t get a thing done with her toddler constantly at her feet.

Somewhere else there’s a mother unable to get anything accomplished because grief is holding her down.

Somewhere there’s a tired mother whose child woke up a little too early.

Somewhere else there’s an exhausted mother who hasn’t slept all night in years.

Somewhere there’s a mom deciding what outfits to wear for family pictures.

Somewhere else there is a mom making decisions for end of life care.

Somewhere there’s a mom tucking her child into bed at night.

Somewhere else a mom is holding onto her child so tightly as they wait for her to take her last breath.

Somewhere there’s a mom wishing for just 10 minutes alone.

Somewhere else there’s a mom begging to never ask for anything again if God would just take away her child’s pain.

Somewhere there’s a mom making well-child checkups.

Somewhere else there’s a mom making specialist, therapist, county, and school meeting appointments.

Somewhere there is a mom telling her children to get their shoes and coats on so they can run out the door.

Somewhere else there’s a mother toileting, changing, and carrying her non-ambulatory teenager out the door.

Somewhere there’s a mom quickly grabbing a new pair of shoes for her child at Target.

Somewhere else there’s a mom meeting with vendors to choose her child’s first wheelchair.

Somewhere there’s a mom in tears because parenting is hard.

Somewhere else there’s a mom in tears because parenting a child with special needs and medical complexities is hard.

Be grateful.

Be thankful.

Be kind.

Because you never know when you could end up somewhere else.

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Melissa Schlemmer

Meet Our Blogger

Currently I am trying to juggle life with an infant, 7 year old, and a nearly 5 year old with special needs. Life is all kinds of crazy, but we are loving it all. I’m passionate about advocating for our son and sharing our story so other parents realize they aren’t alone in this.

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