Parent Care

I like to write about this subject once every month or two. It’s an extremely important one and it’s something that all moms especially those with children who have special needs or who have gone through something traumatic deal with. It’s the mom‘s mental health blog.

Parent mental health is something that is often talked about but not often dealt with. It’s rare that we take time for ourselves. We as parents are pulled in so many directions. Right now my daughter is fighting sleep until late. Once she is in bed I stay up too late just to get some time with myself and my husband, meaning I wake up tired. It’s a cycle that keeps repeating but I know it’s not going to be forever. I know that squeezing in that small time to myself is huge, even if it means I need another cup of coffee in the morning.

I have several hobbies that give me my “me time”. I run my own minky products business and I work on that as often as I can. I also read, a lot. Reading is something that I don’t compromise and read every night before bed. I make sure I am in bed early enough to read before falling asleep. Find a hobby for yourself that you don’t compromise on. My husband walks, he walks between calls, he walks in the morning, he walks in the evening.

Parents, take time for yourself. Soak up that extra five minutes in bed, don’t feel guilty when your child is playing by themselves. ENJOY IT! Right now my daughter is singing to herself and playing in her messy room. I need to remind her to clean it, I need to vacuum under my bed, I need to get a workout in but I am writing this blog. I am spending the extra time I can to write this blog and catch up on a show. At some point my daughter will come in and want me to play with her or take her to the park like I promised. Until then I am going to sit and type, drink my coffee and plan the day.