Christmas after Covid

After two years of being terrified that I’d bring covid home from work, the Dude brought it home from school and shared it at the start of December. Despite reassurances that children don’t seem to get very ill with the virus, I can safely say I was terrified. Five days later, Mr V was ready to paint a cross on the front door and declare it a Plague House; both me, my Mum and the boy were ill.

One thing that every parent will tell you, is that when you’re child is ill you do not have the TIME to get sick. Let alone with something like covid that takes your legs out from under you, even when fully vaccinated and boostered. Add in the complication of a child who has lung issues, seizures, is struggling to maintain their oxygen levels at night… A short stay in the hospital, potent steroids and a bit of oxygen support saw my little man back on his feet in no time. Mummy here, well, let’s just say I wasn’t quite so lucky.

A rare heart complication (0.146% of covid patients develop it, apparently) has rather put Christmas preparations this year on hold. Whatever your personal thoughts are on vaccination, without it I would now be a statistic. I felt incredibly sorry for the poor cardiologist who had the job of informing me that I had to rest, completely, for a minimum of 6 weeks. I am ashamed to say I actually laughed – the very idea of having the time to rest for 6 HOURS being hilarious to an SN parent, let alone 6 WEEKS. This could be interesting. Over the last month, we have been supported by an army of friends and family who have emailed, phoned, done shopping, walked the dog, and generally kept us going. After several weeks of being shut in with us, Nanna is most definitely wanting to get back to her own home! I am so very grateful that we are all still here; not all of our loved ones have made it and my thoughts are with them more than ever. Here’s to 6 weeks rest (stop laughing), and may 2022 be kinder to all of us x