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Space to Change

Space to Change
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Space to Change

The Space to Change concept has been developed to ensure that the personal hygiene needs of children and adults who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal care are met when away from home, as much as possible.

Space to Change provides alternative guidance where space is restricted, more likely to be the case in small buildings and refurbishments.

It encompasses a 7.5m2+ (3m x 2.5m min) wheelchair-accessible toilet that further includes an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist.

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The Benefits of Space to Change

This one small gesture can make a big impact with the entire special needs community.

Make Family Days Out Easier

Gives families the reassurance that facilities are available when needed to enable them to have a fun family day out without worrying about changing facilities. 

Ideal for Smaller Outlets

It is an ideal solution for cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, sports facilities and other smaller outlets visited by the public; locations where space and/or cost is an issue.

Suitable for Refurbishment

Most suitable for existing building as a refurbishment to an existing parent/baby room or disabled toilet where there is space, ideally 7.5 sqm.

Provides Options

Includes as standard conventional wheelchair - wheelchair accessible equipment PLUS a hoist and height adjustable adult sized changing bench. 

Together we can make a difference!

Where have you had to change your child due to poor or no changing facilities? Its time for change! Help us to make a difference with Space to Change Toilets.

Do you reguraly visit a location which could provide Space to Change facilities for families? Get in touch!

Even in tight spaces there is room to provide a bench and hoist. 

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Downloads & Resources

View and download literature for the Space to Change, including campaign information, product brochures, technical information and more.

Changing Places & Space to Change Leaflet

A leaflet detailing the goals and objectives of the Changing Places and Space to Change campaigns.

Changing Places in football stadiums

A leaflet for the Changing Places in football grounds.

Typical Layout Example

A typical Space to Change layout detailing features and specifications.

Space to Change White Paper

Space to Change white paper on considerations in the provision of wheelchair accessible toilets.

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