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Backrest Retro-fit Backrest Retro-fit

Scooot Backrest Retro-Fit Kit for your existing Scooot Seat.

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You can now get three brand new accessories for your Scooot.


This push handle gets everybody moving. It's great for little ones who haven't got the hang of self-propelling yet. And it lets parents or therapists stay in control without crouching or crawling. (Your back will thank you).

New Backrest

The brand new backrest is taller, so it's more supportive and comfy for lots of kids. It's super-easy to fit too - just unscrew the old backrest and pop in the new one.

New Advanced Backrest Cushion

This new, bigger cushion has cool adjustable laterals. They slide up and down to give that supportive hug exactly where it's needed. Add it to the new backrest and it'll take a lot longer for your kiddo to outgrow

Pooosh and the new Backrest come as a pair, while the Advanced Backrest Cushion is an optional extra.

Product Benefits:

  • Upgrade your exisitng Scooot Seat
  • New taller backrest
  • New bigger cushion with adjustable laterals
  • New push handle

Customer Reviews 1 Customer Reviews

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31-Jan-2018 Product:

Customer Comment

Broke. Very poorly designed!!

Firefly Comment

We have received your Feefo feedback, and thank you for providing that, it is valuable information that we value greatly. I have sent you an email with Shipping Labels for the return of your damaged retro fit kit. I just called you so we could discuss the issue you had with your push pole and I have...
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