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The Simple Things

The Simple Things

The first is going out and about with Mummy and Daddy, and Merlin the dog in tow.

The second is swimming; it’s the one time he is truly free to move as he wishes; or not, if he just fancies a nice, relaxing float!

When he was teeny it was easy – we just held him in the water or used an inflatable neck float like the one in the photo.

But now he is getting too big and heavy for the float, and no longer wants to be held as he wants to move independenty.

The trouble is, if we were to let go he would sink like a stone.

We know he loves swimming at school, so when a letter came home the other day offering parents the opportunity to come in to school and go swimming with their children, we pretty much jumped at the chance!

This is yet another example of why we think Sam’s school is the best thing since sliced bread.

They don’t just educate and care for our children during term time, but they are also looking after their interests during the holidays.

The swimming teacher knows that over the Summer, many families will be holidaying, and one of the activities likely to come up will be swimming.

Having someone experienced in supporting people with disabilities in the water to swim and be safe, offer their time to help us as parents learn those same skills, is just invaluable.

It’s not something we ever considered really, we just assumed that we would carry on muddling through as usual, so this opportunity is huge.

We need to know what aids and floatation devices are out there, which are suitable for Sam’s personal needs and where we can get them.

By ourselves I suspect we would make a number of purchases which wouldn’t be appropriate before stumbling upon a solution that works.

This way we can see what he is already using and comfortable with.

It may not seem like much but to us, it’s a big thing.

Being able to be with Sam in the water, knowing he’s happy and safe... I can’t think of much else I’d rather be doing during the summer break.

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