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New Wheels

New Wheels

This chair has to last us for 5 years which means that she will be in double digits by then. What? I can’t even imagine that so I won’t focus on that so much.  We need something that will grow with her, will accommodate all her changing needs and it definitely has to fit her personality.  She’s a fun girl so of course we will make it fun. We like the current chair’s light up wheels and purple frame. I have searched for some options that I like and the options that my aching back would like. I have to be able to lift it without pain which is one of the down sides of our current chair. Lifting a heavy chair once or twice is OK, but there are days that necessitate that I lift her chair in and out of a vehicle. I once heard a stranger tell me how sad it was that Afua was confined to a wheelchair.

I would never use the word confined.

Her wheelchair allows her to go practically everywhere and be part of the world when her legs aren't able to take her there. Her wheel chair allows her to play, to go to school and to sit with her friends at snack time. There are no limits and there is no confinement when she uses her chair.   Her wheels mean freedom and that’s why we want to be sure we make all the right choices when choosing a new chair for her.

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