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I started the Space to Change campaign because I felt strongly that if venues could just make a few small changes, it would make a world of a difference to our family and the many, many other families in a similar situation. I never really thought about annual outdoor events, I was resigned to the fact that these events just wouldn’t be a part of our family life. Until these guys got in touch, The Mobiloo…

The Mobiloo enables all disabled children and adults to use the toilet or be changed with dignity and respect when they wish to go to events and activities – events from which they are too often excluded by the absence of the necessary changing facilities. With an electric hoist and changing table as well as a toilet and wash-basin, the Mobiloo means that even those wheelchair-users with the most complex requirements can get out and about to enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

Dignified Changing For Everyone Anywhere – what can be better than that?

The Mobiloo is a project led by Active Impact, a Gloucestershire social enterprise committed to extending opportunities for disabled young people alongside their non-disabled peers. It is currently available for hire for events in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area, occasionally venturing further afield on special occasions.

For more information on hiring the Mobiloo vist

The Mobiloo relies on support and donations for ongoing maintenance and to keep hiring costs low – if you’d like to support this amazing initiative use this link Space to Change awards recognise venues who provide toilet and changing facilities that meet the needs of families who have children with special needs.

I never imagined I’d be awarding a mobile toilet with a Space to Change Award.

But, I’m delighted to say that Mobiloo will be the next recipient of a Space to Change Pink Award. Check out their forthcoming events to find out where the Mobiloo will be next and make sure to share a picture if you see it at an event you are attending. Or if you’re organising an event within striking distance of Gloucestershire, make sure to hire Mobiloo.

For more information about Space to Change and becoming a Space to Change Champion click here.

If you think your area needs a Mobiloo contact Philip Douch, Mobiloo Development Manager on 01453 298337 or [email protected] to find out more.

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