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Inclusive Shopping: The GoTo Shop Trolley

Inclusive Shopping: The GoTo Shop Trolley

Aj can get tired very quickly when he doesn’t have the right amount of seating support, which has meant on quite a few occasions we have had to lay him in one of those baby trolleys, which of course, attracted unwanted stares from other shoppers!

Many times I’ve found myself taking extra blankets to help prop Aj up in a regular trolley, padding him in, it’s either that or I take his wheelchair/pram, which means I need to use a basket instead of a trolley as I’m already pushing his chair.

It’s a pain, to say the least.

A couple of months ago I saw the GoToShop Trolley advertised on the FireflyFacebook, I just HAD to try it.

So off we went to our local Sainsburys and immediately I was wow’ed!

Aj sat so perfectly in the chair, he looked so happy and comfortable, it meant that I could stop and take the time to look at things in the shop without worrying about him getting tired and falling to the sides.

It meant that I could push the trolley with two hands instead of trying to support him with one and juggling shopping with the other!

It meant that I could actually enjoy shopping.

That WE could actually enjoy shopping together.

We stopped to look at clothes (something which I only ever did alone previously as it was easier), we took the time so Aj could make choices by using his eyes to look at his choice!

All this, a new world - almost - all opened up just because of the way he was sitting!

So, now we’ve made it our mission to get one in our local ASDA store (which is our main shopping destination!)

My little poster boy and I went to our local store and handed in the leaflet advertising the GoTo seat, I explained how it would help Aj and how it would mean we could shop there with more ease.

Now we just have to wait and see, and hope they get one.

It would be amazing for every supermarket to have one of these trolleys, it would help so many children and their families do the ‘normal’ shopping trips!

So, I urge everybody to please, if you can, print off this leaflet and hand it in at your local stores.

If you can’t print it, email it.

Or even just mentioning the GoToShop Trolley to a Store Manager.

Hopefully, one day, we’ll see at least one of these seats in all stores!

To support the #GoToShop Trolley in #EverySupermarket Campaign download the leaflets here.

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