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Hatching New Special Needs Ideas

Hatching New Special Needs Ideas

• Maybe it’s something that does exist for younger children but is too small for your older disabled child?

• Or perhaps it’s a mainstream product that is almost right, but not quite? – it just needs something extra, a more secure safety harness or some postural support.

• Maybe there is already a special needs product that would do the job but it’s so prohibitively expensive (or very ugly!) that it’s just not feasible for your family.

• And then there are other things that just don’t seem to exist at all! You really need something for a specific purpose, and sometimes the solution seems obvious, but why hasn’t someone made a thing for it!?

My current fixation is a travel bed for Twinkle.

She outgrew her standard toddler travel cot a while ago and we have been using a really good inflatable bed with inflatable sides (a bit like a paddling pool!), but on the last couple of occasions she has managed to roll over the side!  She is quite tall and is getting more mobile, so I’m now on the lookout for her next option.  I’ve seen a few special needs products, but they are so very expensive and perhaps more robust (and bigger) than we need.  Some of them also need you to wrestle a full size mattress inside which I could do without!

I feel there must be another way and occasionally I’ll have a ‘eureka’ moment.  I really must start writing them down or drawing some sketches, because there is now a perfect place to take them!  Firefly have a new sister website exactly for these ideas, called hatch!

It’s an interactive forum where you can upload your proposals to be tabled in front of an audience of fellow innovators and parents for opinions, comments and to be voted on!

If the idea gets a positive response it could get to the ‘implementation’ stage with the goal of becoming a real life thing! You could become the inventor behind the next Upsee or Scooot! You can also join the hatch community and see what is being proposed and get involved in the voting and commenting.  Perhaps someone else has had an idea for a problem you have been trying to solve!? So easy and very exciting!

I must must must! Start keeping track of my random ideas and get them sketched up and maybe some of them will be good enough to be uploaded!  Watch this space!

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