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Finally Back to School

Finally Back to School

Seven joyous hours put back into your day. Bathroom breaks are no longer a fight as to who can annoy mommy the most.

Lunch doesn't have to be a buffet of endless options because everyone wants something different.

Besides doing nothing all day and finally catching a shower, are you prepared for a whole school year while the kids are away?

In my household, I have one back in school starting fifth grade this year.

I can't even believe we are here at fifth grade with a ten year old! My other two are home bodies, being three and one year of age.

This year I decided to start homeschooling my three year old. My three year old, Oliver, is also my superhero diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus amongst the other hitch hiker sub-diagnosis.

Did his, “disability”, lead to my choice in homeschooling? To be honest and frank, yes. In some ways it did.

Here in Texas, for early schooling, you have to pay at most places for a placement (if they have any availability).

I had Oliver evaluated through ECI and the school district in our area to see if he qualified for any special placement of going to school for a few hours with other children of intellectual or physical disabilities.

Unfortunately he did not qualify, as he scored a tad higher than children his own age.

We also Cath my little man every three hours, and have not even begun our thought process on how that would take place while he is away at school during the day.

We were told that of course, his wheelchair, would never have any affect on his placement in school and getting around.

As a stay at home mom, I just figured I had the time and could be the first to teach my son and watch him grow.

He is just in the gray area of being too young to Cath himself and it is something I want to have time to work on with him.

Even if we resort to having a nurse do it at school, there is so much to prepare even for him having someone else (a stranger) do this private thing for him.

My plan is to homeschool this first year and see how it goes with visiting the elementary next year and how comfortable we are with sending him off for a few hours.

I definitely want him to have the experience and memories of building friendships with kids who aren't just his family.

I want my social little butterfly to expand and succeed in all that he does. Just in our own time.

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