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2016 Summer Shoe Collection for the Special Needs Mom

The Versatile Sandal

For moms that spend a lot of time on their feet all day, and need something low profile for children they must lift, carry and transfer, the new Women’s Skechers Mediation Sling Back sandals are an excellent choice: 

Comfort jersey-like fabric gives the back of your foot comfort with a soft in-between the toe that combines a flip-flop with a sling back. Easy on and off makes this a fast option on the go. 

It is also a versatile sandal that you can dress up or dress down from a sundress to shorts at the zoo.  

These also make excellent sandals for a quick run to the grocery store or yoga studio for a bit of mommy time.

The Sketcher Mediation Sandal retails for $29.99.



Slip ons!

For moms that have children that they are usually carrying in their arms, a slip on shoe that requires no hands to put on woudl be suitable. Clarks Breeze Mila Comfort Flip Flops combine a level of comfort with slip on ease. 

These are the flip flops that you can spend an entire day in and walk long distances and at the end of the day your feet don’t ache endlessly.

You can kick them on and off in seconds and they have a touch of style that makes this choice a classy flip flop for summer.

Retails for $39.99



Moms on the run need a great running shoe!

If you are chasing a child that can run faster than a cheetah, finding the perfect shoe that can offer you support, comfort and a light weight feeling that can go the distance all day long requires finding a super memory foam option.  This year memory foam is a big trend in lightweight women’s athletic shoes.  Some really great shoes are Fila’s Memory Deluxe 2 Running Shoe and Skechers Sport Gel infused Memory Foam Athletic Shoes. 




Retailing between $59.99 and $79.99 depending on style, these are an excellent choice that aren’t a heavy shoe.  Many of these styles have minimal lacing to no shoelaces making them an easy shoe to get on and off quickly.

Good news Moms!  Block heels are back in style for 2016. 

Need a bit of dressed up style combined with the stability of a stable small heal to add a bit of length to your legs?  The block heel is perfect for this.

Offering a low profile heal is perfect for the mom that spends a lot of time on their feet, but also at the same time wants a shoe that is classy yet comfortable. 

Block heals are great for IEP meetings, special needs speaking engagements, and versatile enough for a family summertime bar-b-que party. 

Retailing between $20-$60 depending on style, makes the block heal choice an excellent one!


Most moms have to limit their shoe splurge to just a couple pairs for each season while they are funding lots of out of pocket medical, equipment and therapy for their child with special needs.  2016 Shoe trends are great for the mom that has limited financial means.

Metallics are a great color choice that will go with most outfits.  Picking a calm gold or a soft silver pairs up well with multiple outfits.

Although gladiator shoes have made a comeback in 2016, this style, while it is a great statement piece, probably isn’t the best purchasing option for fighting special needs battles for our children.  While cute and bold, the gladiator sandal requires too much time to put on and could very well cause you to be late to all those time consuming therapy and doctor appointments.  

Refrain from shoes that have a gazillion buckles and squeeze the blood out of your lower calves and offer your ankles less support than your past circle of friendships. 

Above all else remember comfort comes before style!

The right pair of shoes can transform how you approach and feel about the day.  They can lift you physically and emotionally. 

Get out there for a little bit of retail therapy.  Happy shoe shopping! 


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