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Suffer From Back Pain? You Are Not Alone

Suffer From Back Pain? You Are Not Alone

The survey, which was carried out on over 300 people found that over 90% of cases were due to lifting or moving your child.

Although 100% of respondents admitted to experiencing back pain, just 58% of people have seen their general or family practitioner about it.

Only half of respondents take medication for the pain and over 70% receive treatment, with the most popular treatments being an exercise programme, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment.

It is important that parents and carers take care of themselves as well as their child. Here are some tips and advice:

If you need to help the person you care for move around, it is important that you are aware of how to do so safely to reduce the risk of hurting yourself or them.

Whether is it into and out of bed, to the toilet or getting in and out of the car, these activities can be quite strenuous, sometimes involving the movement of heave equipment as well as a person.

NHS Lifting checklist:

If you are regularly lifting someone, it's best to get trained or see the best techniques demonstrated.

When moving someone, make sure you:

- never lift above shoulder height

- make sure your feet are stable

- take a firm hold

- keep any weight close to your body

- keep your back straight and bend your knees

- lift as smoothly as possible

For more information visit NHS.

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