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Special Needs Fundraising: Newlife Play Therapy Pods

Special Needs Fundraising: Newlife Play Therapy Pods

​There is nothing more disheartening than being asked at Birthdays or Christmases what your child would like and just not being able to answer because you really don’t know.

Perhaps your child has one toy that he or she just adores and you continue to replace it regularly.

You’ve learnt over the years that there’s no point wasting money buying endless amounts of toys with the hope that he or she might just show an interest in something new.

Experience has shown you that the more expensive the toy the less likely they are to enjoy it!

But, the hope that you will find something new never leaves you and you continue to search through catalogues, read blog posts, google and join social media groups to try to find something new.

If this sounds familiar and you are a special needs family based in the United Kingdom, you should consider applying for a Newlife Play Therapy Pod.

Each Play Therapy Pod contains around £400 of equipment and comes with interaction ideas to give families guidance on how to use the equipment as part of interactive play and developmental programmes.

With the the Newlife play specialist, Newlife has developed and expanded the service so they now have more than 130 Pods in circulation, offering equipment for children with physical, behavioural and learning disabilities.

All Pods are available on 12-week loans, delivered direct to families’ homes.

They fall into two age categories – under and over-fives – with targeted equipment for tactile, visual, interactive and auditory needs in each age group.

Application for a Newlife Play Therapy Pod is straightforward with a short application and telephone interview.

Once you have signed and returned the terms and conditions the Newlife Play Therapy Pod is delivered to your home at a time that is convenient to you and collected 12 weeks later.

The Newlife Play Therapy Pod gives families an amazing opportunity to ‘try before buying’ a wide range of specialist toys and aids that are targeted at very specific and complex needs.

The guidance sheets provided are an excellent resource for parents to understand how to get the most out of each toy.

So with the help of Newlife Play Therapy Pods there should be fewer boxes of unused toys with parents now able to see exactly which toys their child enjoys the most before making their purchases.

To find out more about the Play Therapy Pod Service watch this short video.

To apply for a Newlife Play Therapy Pod contact the Newlife Nurse Helpline on freephone 0800 902 0095 or email

Or complete the application form (PDF) on the website and return it to Newlife.

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