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Special Needs Campaigns: Supporting Grace’s Campaign

Special Needs Campaigns: Supporting Grace’s Campaign

On many occasions, a flash of a blue disabled parking badge, the opening of a car boot to show a wheelchair or the lifting out of a piece of medical equipment is enough to send the doubters on their way.

But for people who have disability or medical condition that is not visible life can be that bit more difficult.

They are often stared at. Openly challenged by members of the public.

And even have spiteful comments directed at them.

One 10-year-old girl was tired of being made to feel bad because her condition is not a visible disability so she has started her own campaign, Grace’s Sign.

Grace’s Sign aims to raise awareness that people who do not have a visible disability may still need to use an accessible toilet.

Grace Warnock is from Scotland and has Crohn’s disease.

Grace explains that,

‘“There are children and adults with severe Crohn’s who have had to have surgery and they need to change their stoma bags when out.

Doing this in a room that has a toilet and sink means that they will have the privacy of one room.

Why should you be made to feel bad just because you need a little more space or you need access to clean water?

No one should be stared at or receive hurtful comments doing something very natural just because your illness can’t be seen.

Grace has designed a new door sign to help show that it is not just children and adults with an obvious physical disability who need the use of an accessible toilet.

Despite the fact that Grace's own condition is in remission she forging on with her campaign to make a difference for people living with a disability that is not obvious.

Grace has met with the Scottish Parliament, Independent Living in Scotland and the Scottish Disability Equality Forum to help raise awareness of her campaign, she is now calling on those responsible for signage on public toilets to incorporate her sign and help challenge raise awareness of disabilities and medical conditions that are not visible.

Firefly is supporting Grace in her campaign, you can too by liking and sharing her Facebook Page.

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