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I Want to Walk

I Want to Walk

Everyday Annabelle wants to walk. Sometimes she wants to walk in her walker and sometimes she just wants us to hold her waist and support her whilst she takes steps.

The constant bending hurts our backs and even takes a toll on our arms after a while but how can you deny your child the opportunity to walk around when they want to but are unable to do so independently?

One of the things we find most difficult about having a non-mobile child is that she wants nothing more than to be mobile and the obstacles we face trying to give her the form of mobility she desires. She wants to be up on her feet like every other 3 year old but it isn’t always possible.

We decided to purchase the Firefly Upsee and our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.

It is a completely different experience for Annabelle, and we are taking it slowly but already we can see the amount of benefits we will get out of one piece of equipment.

We will be able to explore more places, Annabelle will be able to touch new things, she will be able to assist us with the housework which she asks to do on a daily basis and we will be able to use it to aid her therapy.

Annabelle will be able to take full assisted steps. Currently, as a result of increased tone her steps and her gait in her walker are poor and not controlled. The Upsee allows us to fully control the movement in Annabelle’s legs so we can work on the correct placement and weightbearing through the whole of her feet rather than just through her toes!

We are beyond excited for the opportunities she will have whilst using it.

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