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Girl's Just Want To Have Fun

Girl's Just Want To Have Fun

Maisie is 14 years old now, and quite a girlie girl. With 3 children I cannot dedicate the time needed to do all the girlie stuff as well as all the personal care she needs and the usual mummy stuff, cooking, cleaning, looking after my 2 boys and resting etc.

Lucky for us we have a lovely young carer called Phoebe who is 19 years old and is very girlie girlie. Phoebe is Maisie’s best friend, and they go shopping and choose clothes and jewellery together. Phoebe paints Maisie’s fingernails and toe nails and puts her hair up in funky styles. They often go to the park and have lovely walks trying to find cats and dogs on their travels. Maisie is desperate to have bunny rabbits because Phoebe has them! and she spends many hours at Phoebe’s house stroking the bunnies and laughing at their crazy acrobatics!

I feel like these are the kinds of things Maisie would do herself if she could.

Sadly, I think many disabled teenagers miss out on the “normal” fun, learning who they are and making the same mistakes we all make growing up.

I am glad that we have found a carer for Maisie, who should hopefully stick around for a while, that’s the benefit of having one that lives just next door! I’m sure Phoebe is having a wonderful affect on Maisie’s life, and although as her mum I feel I should be the one doing all this with her, actually, I think its better for Maisie and me that we do have some separation sometimes, and Maisie can express herself with her “best mate” rather than me her mum. I know I wouldn’t have wanted my mum being around me ALL THE TIME as a teenager. I’m sure Phoebe won’t be Maisie’s carer forever, but for now it’s working and everyone is happy, surely that’s all we ever want for our kiddies.

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