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Feel Better: Thump Your Thymus

Feel Better: Thump Your Thymus

Sounds simple enough, but where’s your thymus gland?

Your thymus gland sits right behind your breastbone.

When we have an emotional or physical disturbance our thymus gland can shrink or become depleted of this vital life energy.

Can you imagine what that feels like? Or better yet, you know what that feels like no doubt.

You see, the thymus functions as both an endocrine gland and a lymphatic gland. That’s a double whammy in a good way to protect us.

T-lymphocytes (T cells), also known as “killer cells” are produced in our thymus. They’re such critical cells of our adaptive immune system.

Curiously enough, the thymus is the largest when we’re children, before puberty.

As we age it shrinks and is replaced by fat but those important T-cells continue to be generated through our adulthood.

When life gets out of sorts and daily stress seems to eat us up inside it is these very critical cells that get minimized in production.

Here’s what I’m talking about -- a way to thwart that process in times of swirling stress!

T-cells are the hunters and destroyers for your immune system. We need to boost those!

So what’s the thymus?

Think of your thymus as your immune system’s surveillance gland.

Not only does our thymus gland change with age it can also be hampered when we overuse medicine. Too many pills can overtake the responsibilities of a healthy immune system.

Our system can stagnate and atrophy, becoming even less able to fulfill its responsibilities.

But even in an atrophied thymus gland, the production of T-cells continues throughout our adult life.

So boosting that function can only serve us.

The Thump to the Rescue!

You can use the thymus thump as a means to reinstate the single most important function of our thymus gland: to keep it active and bolster our immune system, especially when our lives get so busy and we’re scurrying left, right and center.

Thumping the middle of your chest can help bring up your life energy.

When the thymus gland is in harmony it can increase your strength and vitality.

Thumping the thymus can help keep your own life energy pumping and vibrating at a high frequency.

You need all the vitality you can get.

And it’s easy peasy to do!

Okay, how to do it:

You can thump in the middle of your chest with your fist (think Tarzan).

Or, you may want to rub softly or firmly or scratch with four fingers of your hand.

Do this for about 20 seconds and breathe deeply in and out.

You can also add an affirmation such as “all is well in my world” or even think about something positive and pleasant.

You may know when you have activated the thymus gland as you will feel a little tingling or a subtle feeling of ‘joy’ or ‘happiness.’

Another variation is to do three thumps at a time but emphasize the first thump more firmly.

For some people it may take a little time before you ‘feel’ anything.

Persevere and be patient, you’ll get it. Your body will pick it up.

Do it everyday. It’s simple and easy to do anywhere.

If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or overloaded stress, thump your thymus several times a day.

This will allow your life energy to come alive.

And because it’s easy to do try to make it a regular practice.

I end my shower every morning whilst the water is still on me with about 7-10 three beat (da-da-da) thymus thumps.

Thumping your thymus will:

Stimulate all of your energies.

Boost your immune system.

Increase your strength and vitality.

Now, go THUMP!

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