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A Better Way to Change

A Better Way to Change

Unfortunately, most of us know that, "changing facilities", for our kids or loved ones with disabilities means, "the baby changing table". most (but not all) facilities provide.

If you did not catch that, allow me to repeat myself:

The same table we use to change our infants on in public restrooms are the same tables that most of us have to use to change our older children who can't use a toilet independently.

I can attest, but some of us have even had to resort to changing our children or even cathing them on the floor of that public restroom, or, going back to the trunk of our car to do so.

It really is degrading to put our children and loved ones on the floor of a public bathroom, when most are even appalled to put their own belongings on such a place.

I have signed many petitions, written plenty of suggestions/reviews, and shared many a post on Facebook for all who aren't personally affected by this, to gain awareness.

Hopefully, the more voices behind the movement, the more we will be heard!

I do hope there will be one day in the future where I can have a higher weight limit, stable, proper changing facility for my son when I have to get him in and out of his wheelchair for catheterization.

I hope that we can have lower sinks, for those like my Oliver, who use a wheelchair and cannot wash his own hands unless I take him out and lift him up to reach.

I hope to find all doors wheelchair accessible with the automatic buttons to push them open.

I hope for so much, to include so many and to make them feel comfortable in a place where we require so much privacy.

One day, I do believe we will acquire all those things..

However, until then, I hope to back my voice for things like this through blogs and, then, to have it backed by other voices which are heard and supported by you all!

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